Grove Street PATH Station

 One of Jersey City's greatest strengths is its access to a wide variety of transportation options.  Whether   you're walking, biking, driving, taking the bus or train, or relaxing on the ferry, if you start in Jersey City.
 The Fulop Administration has continued to expand access to various modes of transportation.  From     making more pedestrian friendly areas to the easy access of 50 Citi Bike stations throughout the City,   you  can always find a way to get around in Jersey City.


 As Jersey City’s first master plan devoted to improving cycling, this plan outlines street design and a range of policy and program recommendations to transition the City into a place where cycling is a viable and enjoyable transportation options for people of all ages and abilities, all year round.

Click on the links or pictures below to review the Bicycle Master Plan, Bikeway Design Guide and Bikeway Network Map.

Bike Master Plan         Bikeway Design Guide         Bikeway Network Map

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