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Jersey City Parks

Our city has more parks than you can shake a stick at.  Don't have a stick? Just visit one of our parks!

Park Location  Amenities 
Apple Tree House 298 Academy St Historic Building and Park
Audubon Park 103-129 Bergen Ave  1 Basketball, Tennis, Playground, Sprinklers and Passive Area
Muhammad Ali Park 104-110
Van Nostrand Ave
Passive Area
Sgt. Joseph Anthony Playground 90-96 Palisade Ave Playground, Basketball Court, Passive Area
 Arlington Avenue Park (William Thornton)  785 Grand St.  Playground, Basketball Court, Sprinklers, and Passive Area
 Arthur Ashe Basketball Court
(Arlington/ Minerva)
 285 Arlington Avenue  Basketball Court
Bayside Park  Garfield Avenue & Bayside Park Drive  4 Basketball courts, Tennis Court, 2 Baseball Fields, Sprinklers, Passive Area
 Mary Benson Park  Merseles & Newark Ave.  1 Basketball Court, 1 Ballfield, Passive Area
Bramhall Ave. Park 566 - 568 Bramhall Avenue Passive Area
Brett Triangle Park Garrison, Pavonia & Tonnelle Avenue Passive Area
Country Village Park
(McGovern )
Sycamore Road between Briarwood & Crossgate 2 Tennis Courts, Roller Rink, Playground, 1 ballfield & Passive Area
Carlton Ave. Island Carlton Ave & Kennedy Blvd. Island with Plants & Flowers
Roberto Clemente Little League 450 - 464 manila Avenue 1 Ballfield
Terry Dehere Playground 1025 - 1031 Garfield Avenue  1 Basketball Court
Dr. Lena Edwards Playground 325 - 335 Johnston Avenue 2 Basketball Courts, Playground, Sprinklers, Passive Area
 Fairmount Triangle  Fairmount, Baldwin & Jewett Avenues  Passive Area
Ferris Triangle Cator, Rose, & Old Bergen Road  Passive Area
 First Street Park  First St. Between Colgate & Brunswick  CLOSED
Fitzgerald Holota Park
(Grove St. Path)
111 Newark Avenue Passive Area
Fulton Avenue Playground 125 M. L. K. Drive Passive Area
Gateway Park
( Dick Seay/ Old Colony)
Bright St. & Merseles 2 Ballfields, , 1 Football Field/ Soccer Field, 1 Basketball Court, Playground, Passive Area
Leonard Gordon Park
3305- 3365 Kennedy Blvd. 1 Basketball Court, Playground, Passive Area
Greenville Memorial
1626 - 1638 Kennedy Blvd. Playground, Passive Area
Lt. Grover Park 2 - 4 Broadman Parkway Passive Area
J. Owen Grundy Pier Foot of Montgomery St. (Exchange Place)  Passive Area, Fishing Area
Hamilton Park 8th St. & West Hamilton Place Playground, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Passive Area
Harmon Street Pool 531 Communipaw Ave. Inactive - CLOSED
Enos Jones Park - (Includes Franco Field) 8th St. At Brunswick St. 2 Baseball Fields, 1 Basketball Court, 1 Roller Rink, Playground, Sprinklers, and Passive Area
Lafayette Park (Rev. Ercel Webb) Lafayette Street Playground, Sprinklers, and Passive Area
LaPointe Park 53- 57 Stuyvesant Avenue Playground, Sprinklers, Passive Area
 Laurel Court Triangle  17 Laurel Court  Passive Area
 Lambiase Memorial Park  Lambiase Memorial Park  Passive Area
 Lincoln Park West  Lincoln Park West of Rte 1&9  3 Ballfields, Passive Area
 McGinley Square Park  722 Montgomery St.  Passive Area
 Boyd McGuiness Park  2565 -2579 Kennedy Blvd.  Passive Area
 Metro Field (Courtney Fricchione LL)  179 West Side Avenue  Ballfield, Passive Area
 Monticello Avenue Park  36 Monticello Avenue  Passive Area
 Monticello Avenue Park  Monticello & Storms Avenue  1 Basketball Court
 Monticello Avenue Park  Monticello & Reed St.  Passive Area
 Monticello Avenue Park  125 - 127 Monticello Avenue  Passive Area
Cornelius Parker Park 38 Madison Avenue in Lot  Passive Area
 Paulus Hook Park
 92 - 99 Grand Street  Passive Area
 Pavonia / Marion Pool  NE Westside Avenue, Pavonia Avenue & Corbin Avenue Pool, Playground, 2 Basketball Courts, Passive Area
 Pavonia/ Marion Park
(Martucci Little League)
 1020 Westside Avenue  1 Ballfield
 Pershing Field  201 Central Avenue  2 Ballfields, 4 Tennis Courts, Playground, Sprinklers, Running Track, Ice Rink, Pool, Passive Area
 Pope Triangle  Summit Ave., Baldwin Ave. & Clifton Place  Passive Area
 Angel Ramos Park (Wayne Street)  84 - 90 Wayne Street  Playground & Passive Area
 Riverview Park (Captain Clinton Fisk)  Palisade Avenue  Playground, Basketball Court, Passive Area
 Alexander F. Santora Park (Meluso)  360 -366 Grand Street  Passive Area
 Sixteenth Street Park  213 - 215 16th Street  
 Skinner Memorial Park  16 Wilkinson Avenue  Passive Area
 Stevens Avenue Park (Mrs. Vernater Watson)  62 - 66 M. L. K. Drive  Playground & Passive Area
 Ralph Taylor Park (Inactive)  1 - 9 Ludlow Street  CLOSED
 Terrace Avenue Park  Terrace Ave. & Hillside Road  Playground, Sprinkler, Tennis Court, Passive Area
 Terriago Playground (Inactive)  Seventh Street  CLOSED
 Van Vorst Park  257 - 287 Montgomery Street  Playground, Passive Area
 Veterans Park  Washington St. & Dudley St.  Passive Area
 Virginia Avenue Park 74 - 80 Virginia Avenue Playground, Sprinklers, Passive Area
Wilkinson Avenue Park (Dr. Edith Bland Phillips) 146 - 152 Wilkinson Avenue Playground, Sprinklers, Passive Area
Woodland Avenue Park 259 - 265 Linden Avenue Playground, Sprinklers, Passive Area
Passive Area785 Grand St.
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