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History of Jersey CityMayor Dudley Gregory 

In many ways, the history of Jersey City is the history of America.  

From the earliest settlement in 1660 to the present day, Jersey City has seen its share of explorationinnovationslaverybossismreformimmigration, industry, commerce, terrorismwar, and peace

Much of Jersey City's history has taken place in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty as she beckons those "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." 

Where to start?  
Visit New Jersey City University's (NJCU)  excellent history website, "Jersey City - Past and Present." 

Photograph courtesy of Leon Yost, 2007 

The New Jersey Room at the main branch of the Jersey City Public Library contains "both current and historical information and numbers about 20,000 volumes".

The Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy engages "in a concerted effort to preserve, protect, and promote... irreplaceable historic resources of Jersey City".

Read a history of early Jersey City (written for the New Jersey Tercentenary back in 1960) or a biography of a local landscaper, horticulturalist, and businessman who was one of the founding fathers of the leisure gardening movement in America.

Also check out our own Special Celebrations page for Jersey City's role in Black HistoryWomen's History,
and Asian Pacific American History



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